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*This is the luckiest trading t-shirt on the planet!
We travelled to every continent on Earth to ensure your good fortune while wearing this design.
Here are just a few of the places we went:
First, we covered ourselves in 4-leaf clovers then boarded a plane headed to Hangzhou, China (we chose Qantas Airlines after being told they never crash). Once in Hangzhou we threw salt over our right shoulder before rubbing the Laughing Buddha’s belly. We told ourselves to “Break a leg!” before travelling to Cork, Ireland where we hung upside down and kissed the Blarney Stone. We then filled our pockets with rabbit’s feet and headed home to create your lucky trading t-shirt. You’re welcome.
*We can’t back any of that story up, and we’re not saying you’ll become a profitable trader by wearing this t-shirt… however, we wouldn’t recommend trading without it either. Your call.