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About Us

To make a long story short (you’re welcome), Pro Trader Gear was founded by two passionate traders who share one vital thing in common that neither of them knew about when they first met:

They’ve both owned and operated apparel companies in the past.

Talk about the stars aligning.

Ok, on a less ‘bro’mantic note, when our two heroes started making consistent profits trading stocks and options, they looked for fresh and relevant designs to adorn their ripped bodies and office.


They couldn’t find anything ‘cool’ enough ANYWHERE online to scratch that itch.

So they started tinkering. Creating. Tossing out ideas. Revamping. Tweaking… you get the point.

Their loving wives also helped to make sure any and all apparel for women was on point.

Ultimately, the decision to launch Pro Trader Gear was out of necessity.

And now the world of trading and investing is a much cooler, hipper place.

Again, you’re welcome.

Pro Trader Gear Team

P.S. If you have ANY trading design ideas you’d like to see on a shirt, mug or your wall, simply fill out the form.

Click here to submit your design(and prepare to have your mind blown).